Adolescent Services

What a confusing time to be a teenager! We have excellent clinicians who have been trained to work with this age group. In addition to helping the adolescent navigate choppy cultural waters, we also offer family work to help improve communication at home. We’re not here to “fix” your child. We happen to think they’re pretty spectacular! We are here to listen to them (and you). And we will be able to offer ideas and suggestions to improve their experience in life.

The majority of adolescents we see tell us they are really overwhelmed. It is from this place that they sometimes gravitate to soothing activities. Maybe it’s social media, vaping, or alcohol that helps them cope. We are interested in getting to the root of the issue. So, you won’t get a lecture from us. We get it. If you’re a teenager and you’re coming to see us, something’s not working right. We’ll help you figure out exactly what that is and how to improve it.